Stress and Anxiety

This week, I’ve been feeling overly stressed and anxious.

I’ve had so much to do with my summative meeting and post-observation scheduled for this week that I haven’t been sleeping great and it feels like new things just keep piling up.

Funnily enough, on Monday, our principal sent us an article called 5 Ways I Allowed Stress and Anxiety to Control My Life, which I wasn’t able to read until this evening as I was speed eating so I could get back to work. It really resonated with me and it was exactly what I needed to hear today! He discussed his experience of how he realized his stress and anxiety affected him. He pinpoints the 5 things he says can lead him to lose control of his life.

As I reflect on this article, I think the 5 ways I tend to allow stress and anxiety control my life are:

  1. Losing sleep over things I can’t control (at the moment or at all)
  2. Setting unrealistic goals
  3. Thinking I can multitask (goodbye Netflix!)
  4. Overthinking things
  5. Not being able to say no

There are all the things I need to work on and know that when I do, I will be much more at peace with what I do. My favorite quote from the article was,

Sometimes the lesson we create is not as engaging for our students as we thought they would be, and in this time of social media where everyone seems to have a life that is engaging and beautiful, we begin to doubt ourselves and stress ourselves out. Stress and anxiety happen, but they don’t have to happen as much as we allow them to.

3 thoughts on “Stress and Anxiety

  1. Yes I can relate to all those things and have been guilty of them all! Like the comment that was in the article, relating to media, so very true.
    Hopefully you can have a less stress rest of the week!!

  2. It seems to be that time of year. I have talked to many people in several industries and this has been the case this week in particular!

    Try to rest and breath!

    At this time we all have support from each other which is comforting. Thank goodness for the WEB!

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