My Cozy Little Bed

My cozy little bed

wraps its warm, gray wool covers

around me.


Protecting me from the rising sun,

my cozy little bed hides me from the light,

invading the room through the tiny cracks on the blinds.


The alarm urgently rings,

forcing me to stagger out of

my cozy little bed,

and say goodbye

to the most secure place

I have known.


All day, I wonder if

I’ll ever feel that safe again.

Only to come home and find,

my cozy little bed waiting for me.


7 thoughts on “My Cozy Little Bed

  1. I can completely relate to wanting to get right back to that cozy little bed! Waking up this morning was hard! And getting out of my cozy little bed even harder! I like how you took something very simple and made it special.

  2. Getting back in bed at the end of a long Monday is a wonderful feeling! And I love your use of my absolute favorite word in the world…cozy!

  3. The only thing better than a cozy bed, is freshly laundered sheets dried by the warm spring sun on that cozy little bed. Truly heaven!

  4. This was the perfect poem this week as Daylight Savings Time is kicking my butt! I can’t wait to climb back into my cozy bed tonight and open my book.

  5. I find it most difficult to get out of bed on those days that are freezing cold. Cozy and warm wins out every time!

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